Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Video: 14-Year-Old Sings "Baby" in 'X Factor' Audition

The past couple of weeks have seen the audition episodes of the American version of Simon Cowell's The X Factor air on FOX. During tonight's Chicago/Seattle audition episode (Sept. 28), one of the auditioners took on a song that we all are familiar with.

Check it out right here:

14-year-old Drew Ryniewicz is a huge, huge, huge Justin Bieber fan. She would love to meet him and perform with him someday. And she was nervous about performing in front of L.A. Reid, since L.A. is the one who signed Justin to a recording contract. Talk about pressure, right?

But that's not necessarily why I'm talking about her. I wouldn't normally post a video here on Bieber Guy of someone doing a cover of one of Justin's songs. But I watch and am a fan of The X Factor (& Simon Cowell). And what I love on any of these singing shows, whether it's American Idol (see Chris Daughtry and David Cook, among others), The X Factor (Caitlin Koch and Drew, during these auditions), or others, is when a singer will get up there and blow us away not just with the voice, but by putting a new spin and arrangement on a song we all know and love.

Out of the better singers during these X Factor auditions so far, we've had two already change up the arrangement. Drew Ryniewicz took Justin Bieber's "Baby" and breathed new life into an already great song. And what's interesting is that I love both Justin and Drew's versions. The original is teen pop, whereas Drew's strips it down and gives an acoustic rendition that's great as well. She's got an interesting tone to her voice. When she gets to the chorus, we all expect the music to ramp up. Instead, it stays slow. And on the words "baby," instead of the vocal emphasis being on the start of the word, Drew has done the opposite; she emphasizes the latter part of the word.

Oh, and by the way, the judges sent her to the next round: Boot Camp.

For comparison, here's the original. I know I don't need to, 'cause you all know it already. But here it is anyway:

Last week, as part of my ongoing Bieber Guy Project, where I explore the Justin Bieber phenomenon by reviewing all of his music and other entertainment outlets, I reviewed "Baby." Click HERE to check out that review!

The final audition episode of The X Factor airs Thursday, September 29, from 8-10pm on FOX.

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